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Warlord Games has some new Alternate-History WWII stuff as well as some Actual-History WWII stuff for you this week. There’s two new pieces of artillery for Konflikt ’47, as well as some new new fighter squadrons and weapon packs for Cruel Seas.

New JU 87D Stuka Flight, Bristol Beaufighter MK Ic Flight and F4U Corsair Flight


Sound the air raid sirens! Three new flight of aircraft are taking off over Cruel Seas!

New Cruel Seas Weapons Packs


Outfit your ships with a variety of weaponry using the new Cruel Seas Weapon Packs!

A lot of naval vessels were armed to the teeth with a variety of weaponry. Ranging from anti-infantry to anti-vessel and anti-air, a lot of ships were basically made to be a ‘jack of all trades’ type of threat, able to combat many different threats. Additionally, a lot of them were upgraded over time, using new and old guns to improve their combat capability. These weapon packs allow you to alter your ships as you see fit. Using the damage table on page 26 and the ship points on page 92, you can identify and alter your ships and calculate their points accurately!

New Towed Schwerefeld Projektor

War pushes the drive for discovery forward, as a result, weapons find themselves evolving and become more deadly or simpler to use. Field the new Towed Schwerefeld Projektor with lethal results.

New Tesla AT Gun

US Scientists have managed to find a way to create a field variant of the Tesla Cannon, use it to destroy the horrors of the Axis forces!


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